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Why I Like Writing in Real Script • by Vikram Age 9

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

Before I learned about Real Script, I didn’t really like writing. In kindergarten, we had to do journal writing every single morning and my handwriting was nice then.

In first grade, we moved to a new house and I was writing all about the new house at every free writing period because I was excited about moving.

In 2nd and 3rd grades when I had to write, my handwriting was often messy. My teachers would tell me that they couldn’t read it. I remember once when a group of students in my

3rd grade class said that my handwriting was sloppy when we were writing our readers’ responses to a book that we had read in class. That didn’t make me feel good at all. My handwriting became even worse because I didn’t like the comments they gave me and it made me mad. It pushed me to make my writing even sloppier.

In the summer before 4th grade, I learned about Real Script and it totally changed my writing. I like that the letters are grouped into families (categories) and that each one has its own formation, which are called “pathways.” I also like the flourishes (decorative endings) and ligatures, which connect some letters to others.

In Real Script, we use pens because they write more smoothly than pencils. Fountain pens work best because they write the smoothest. I like writing with a fountain pen because it is unique and it makes me feel more grown up.

Real Script is a new way of writing for me. It has made my writing better. When I wrote my Tesla article, the ideas came to me more easily because my handwriting flowed more easily. If you want to make your writing better, I highly recommend Real Script.

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