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From the comfort of your own home or office

Imagine having a caring, supportive expert guide in your corner; someone with whom you can let down your guard and ask questions about your hopes, fears, and challenges along the most important journey of your life.


What kind of learner is my child? What kind of learning environment is best? What can I be doing at home to best support my child's social-emotional and cognitive development? 

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  • How to build competence and independence 

  • Why your child's happiness is not your most important goal

  • When loving attention becomes overindulgence 

  • How to respond to the big emotions

  • How to develop your child's love for learning

  • How to build open communication and trust

  • How to have more fun and a deeper connection with your child

  • Why it's better to implement natural and logical consequences rather than punishments and how to do so

  • How to turn sibling rivalry into sibling relating

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How It Works

We work collaboratively and confidentially throughout the entire process. You will bring your questions, concerns, and scenarios to the session and learn important tools and language to use with your children that will help them become independent, competent, and caring individuals, which is our ultimate goal as parents. I will help you build a loving, secure, supportive, and respectful relationship between you and your children, and make sure that you are not missing any of the crucial components of the process. Contact me to find out how I can help today.

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