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Your child can learn from home or on the road while you travel. 

At Whole Child Education, we serve children who need an alternative to traditional public or private schools. Children thrive when they can learn at their own pace, choose their own topics for study, engage their emotional intelligence, and interact with others who have similar interests and intellectual needs. Learning outside of traditional school walls doesn't mean having to sacrifice a social-life for an intellectual one.


In this information age, there are endless resources and options available. Let us help you evaluate and choose the highest-quality curricula available, hire and train teachers for your children, and develop new curricula designed specifically for your child; it’s what we do best!

Parent for Success

  • Make parenting easier

  • Raise honest, trustworthy, independent children

  • Influence behavior without threats or punishments

  • Understand and manage extreme emotional sensitivity

  • Strengthen social-emotional intelligence

  • Create life-long learners

Real-World Learning
Set-Up & Support for Parents

Homeschool Reimagined

Set up and manage a high-quality learning environment

  • Set values & goals

  • Assess and measure success

  • Satisfy state requirements

  • Create a schedule

  • Support diverse learners

  • Encourage and enhance creative learning

  • Be a great facilitator or find and evaluate one

  • Develop your child’s agency with their own learning

Also Included:

  • Curated list of superior educational resources

  • Lists of local and online enrichment classes

  • Step-by-step support throughout the process

  • Digital Portfolio: set-up & training

  • One field study package designed to enhance project- based learning. Includes pre-trip, during, and post-trip field work study guide and activities for child

Learn How To:

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