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Jumanji Revisted by Miwa Age 8

Updated: May 29

“This looks cool,” said Danny. Look at the flowers and bees painted on the sides. Should we take it home?”

“I don’t want to take it home,” said Walter. “It might be dangerous.”

“I disagree. It might be a fun game,” said Danny. At that moment, it started to sprinkle. Danny grabbed the box from Walter and said, “It’s raining. Let’s race back home.” 

By the time they got there, it was thundering and lightning. Danny opened the box like a present but didn’t read the instructions. He rolled the dice and landed on: Here come the king cobras. Danny asked Walter, “What do you think this means?”

“Look behind you!” Danny turned around and saw two snakes on the edge of his chair, staring at him. He wondered where the snakes came from, while Walter hid under the table. 

Danny rolled the dice again and landed on a space that read: Watch out! Here comes an earthquake! The counters started to shake, then tremble, and the glass vase filled with hydrangeas as blue as the sky shattered. 

At the same time, the pots and pans hanging above the stove started banging and shaking. The earthquake lasted for about 20 seconds. Walter crawled out from under the table slowly and said, “Let’s not roll the dice again. That was scary!”

Danny checked his phone to see what time it was. His mom said she’d be back at 10:00 pm. His phone had slipped out of his pocket during the earthquake and landed on the tile floor, smashed and out of battery. Danny wanted to keep playing, but now he had to charge his phone. 

At the same time, Walter wanted the game to end. His motto was, “Safety First.” He had wanted to read the instructions when he saw the box, but he did not want to ruin Danny’s fun, so he decided not to tell him. Walter’s worry grew so big that he didn’t care about his brother’s fun anymore. 

When Walter ran to find Danny, he saw two king cobras wrapped around Danny’s phone charger. Danny was talking to the snakes, asking them as politely as he could to kindly get off his charger. It wasn’t going as well as he hoped. 

Walter knew they didn’t have any time to waste, so he said, “STOP!” Danny immediately looked at him. Walter grabbed the instructions and read the warning as fast as he could to Danny. 

“The game will not stop until you reach Jumanji City at the end of the board. We have 12 spaces to go.” Walter rolled a 7 and landed on Here comes a storm! The lightning began. A tree fell through the roof, and it started raining on Danny in the kitchen. The water started to rise. Walter grabbed a ladder and Danny climbed up it. He tried putting paper and tape over the hole, but it didn’t work. Then, he tried putting a box over the hole but that also didn’t work. 

It was 9:55 pm, and Walter knew that he had to roll the dice in order to get to the end. He needed a 5 or higher. He rolled an 8 and finally reached the Golden City. Both boys let out a sigh of relief. They had never felt more relieved in their lives. 

Danny was still trying to fix the roof when everything miraculously cleared up and disappeared in an instant. 

At 10:00 pm on the dot, their parents came home.

“How did it go?” their mom asked. 

“It went great,” said Walter, but his face said something different. His parents looked at him and his brother suspiciously.

The boys went to bed feeling nervous and relieved. The parents found the game, and their mom asked, “What is this?”

“I don’t know, but we could find out…” Dad answered. 

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