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I Believe In Knowledge by Nicholas Age 9

Updated: May 17

This I Believe

Inspired by the NPR podcast This I Believe

I believe in the pursuit of knowledge to help solve problems that humankind has created. As far back as I can remember, I wanted to learn MORE; I went all out. I learned mathematics, science, chemistry, language arts, and other academic subjects. It’s my yearning to learn that sparked my desire for knowledge.

Math, one of the purest forms of knowledge, is an area where I especially enjoy learning. It can calculate all of physics, which can solve real life issues, but only with a significant understanding of algebra.

In algebra, I was excited to dive into studying variables, which would help a lot for practical use like figuring out interest in finance or learning higher math. Algebra can help to further piece together how calculus will take shape. When I was taught the elimination method for two variable equations, something clicked in my mind that this was going to be fun, which it was, until something else caught my attention: quadratics. This topic was much more challenging and thus more fun. I instantly switched to studying quadratics and I memorized the quadratic equation. I could finally solve quadratic equations with one variable.

At the end of algebra, we meet trigonometry. Algebra creates a base for trigonometry, which ties into physics, the most practical math that helps explain how everything in the universe works. By obtaining a better understanding, it is then possible to accurately predict how stars move with stunningly high accuracy using computer models. Computer models can figure out the rate at which pollution will destroy the earth by discovering all sorts of environmental problems and even beginning to solve them. All in all, mathematics provides a superior vantage point for understanding the machine of life.

Mathematics helps make sense of the world. It provides a superb explanation for every single thing that happens and is amazing at unlocking the secrets of the universe, like the theory of relativity. Humans have always been in pursuit of knowledge. We have the urge to get to the bottom of things! The more knowledge a society has, the more comfortable people feel. Mathematics makes me feel like I have a place in this universe.

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