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Life Will Not Be the Same • by Hiro Age 10

Viruses have always existed but until the early 1700s there were no vaccines. Covid-19 is a global virus that is spreading presently, but a vaccine has not yet been found. Life will be different until we find a vaccine.

Many people are more cautious now because they do not want to get sick and spread germs. There is not as much hand contact. People try not to touch their faces too often and many of them are wearing masks. If there are in-person parties, they are smaller and usually outside with people staying at least 6 feet apart. Most meetings and gatherings are virtual, including school.

Many children will appreciate school more when the quarantine is over. Most kids are used to playing and learning together, but now they are stuck at home. Before this happened, kids weren't always looking forward to going to school. Now, they want to go to school more than before because they miss their friends.

It is easier to see friends in person rather than on a screen. It is difficult to stare at a screen for many hours a day. Kids get tired and their eyes get itchy. Many kids want to be done more quickly than when they were at school so they can get off of the screen and see their friends.

This has been a very difficult time and has changed many people’s lives. Until we find a vaccine, people are going to have to be more careful so they don’t get sick. When kids go back to school and see their friends again, many of them will feel more grateful than they were before. How has your life changed?

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