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The Water Cycle • by Hiro Age 8

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

Did you know that all water on Earth has never been wasted? All water is reused.

When water falls it always goes downhill. At one point in the water cycle, water comes from the clouds. When there is too much water in the clouds, it starts to rain or snow. Some of it goes into the ground and when there is too much in the ground, it goes downhill into the streets. No matter what, all water flows downhill because of gravity. The water collects in inlets on the dies of the road and goes into a storm drain and through a pipe that leads to a creek. Next, it flows into a stream and ends up in the ocean.

The water cycle can start at any point. Once in the air, water forms into tiny droplets (condenses) and when it gets too heavy, it falls. When it falls, that is called precipitation. Once in the ocean, some of the water evaporates from the heat of the sun and this starts the water cycle all over again.

The next time you drink water, think about how many times this water has gone through the water cycle since earth was created.

Water-a poem

Water is a precious commodity.

Water is liquid flowing.

Water is clear gold.

Water goes through a never-ending cycle.

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