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Zin-Zin Makes a Friend • by Dawson Age 6

One hot day on planet Dragonflier, Zin-Zin was looking for food under the huge rocks on the beach. He found twenty baby dragons hiding under one reddish-brown rock. He ate them ALL at once. GULP!!!!!! He was very satisfied, so he jumped into the ocean and took a nap in his tunnel. Zzzzzz……

After he woke up, Zin-Zin started gathering seashells to make musical instruments. He clanged them together to make dragon jazz music. The other dragons heard the music and wondered where the sound was coming from. They followed the sound and it led them to Zin-Zin’s tunnel where they got quite a shock! Zin-Zin saw the other dragons and started playing faster and faster, but the other dragons flew away, so he chased them around for the rest of the day. “Will I ever find a friend?” wondered Zin-Zin.


The next day, Zin-Zin was eating dragon fruit for breakfast when he heard a flapping noise coming from a tunnel nearby. He decided to take four pieces of dragon fruit and explore the world of Dragonflier hoping to find a friend. Flying for a long time made Zin-Zin very hungry, so he ate the dragon fruit that he had brought for his new friend, and decided to stop on the Marble Mountains to collect some beautiful bluish-white marble. He saw ten grown-up dragons guarding the magnificent marble that he wanted, so he flew to the other side of the mountain and started digging a hole to get the marble.

He dug and dug and dug until he was out of sight. He pulled and pulled and pulled until Zin-Zin got just what he wanted and went exploring the world of Dragonflier looking for a friend to give it to.

But every time he asked, “Do you want to be my friend?” the other dragons said, “NO!!!!!!”

Zin-Zin almost gave up until he remembered what he learned in school. He took a deep breath and thought to himself, “Keep on going.” Then, he came up with a plan to go to Earth.

From where he was he could see the coral reef and the fire-breathing dolphins.

“Maybe they could be my friends because we both breathe fire.”

He followed the fire and tracked it with his fire. Then, he flew over Jupiter and some other planets. After a whole day, he arrived in Earth’s atmosphere and landed on the snowy mountains. Because he flew for so long, he was very tired, hungry, and thirsty.

Since it was snowing and cold, Zin-Zin warmed himself up with his fire. The snow melted all at once like a flood. He was carried by the water at a great speed of 100 mph. When he was very close to the ocean, he got so excited that he jumped off of the river trail to continue searching for the dolphins.

Jumping into the cold Atlantic ocean, he took off quickly across the waves with the piece of marble between his front legs. After a while, his tail was dragging and his wings were drooping. Zin-Zin had traveled 24 hours and needed to get some sleep.

The next day, Zin-Zin kept traveling. On his way, he found crunchy icebergs to chew on. As he flew, Zin-Zin saw other dragons flying nearby and thought he was going to make a friend. Suddenly, he spotted a dolphin track on an iceberg near a bunch of seaweed. Zin-Zin got so excited that he squeaked, and in a flash the dolphins swam to the surface. He glided down and cut the water with his wings. Splash! Just then, a dolphin floated onto Zin-Zin’s wings and they went gliding through the water.

After they returned to the pod, Zin-Zin spotted a group of tuna and asked if the dolphins wanted to enjoy a fancy feast together. They had tuna, water, and icebergs. Then, they all played and jumped up and down in the waves. After they played, they rested for the night.

The next morning, Zing-Zing, the dolphin, asked Zin-Zin if he wanted to visit her dinosaur friend.

Zin-Zin said, “Yes! So, how do we get there?”

“With the hydropter!” answered Zing-Zing, and off the pod went with Zin-Zin in the cockpit. Zin-Zin tied a knot around the marble with his tail.

Halfway through their journey, Zin-Zin pressed a button that wasn’t supposed to be pressed. The alarm sounded like a penguin in great trouble. The hydropter tilted, wobbled, and spiraled down.

Zing-Zing woke up and asked, “What’s going on?”

“I accidentally pressed that red button.”

Zing-Zing swam like a shark was following her into the cockpit to try and slow down the aircraft, but it was no use. In a flash, the hydropter crashed into the middle of a redwood tree forest, PPppshooooo! The forest caught on fire. Zin-Zin had to do something quickly even though he was badly injured.

The hydropter’s water started spilling out onto the ground. Zin-Zin quickly scooped some of the water up into his arched wings and put the pod gently inside. He noticed a cut on Zing-Zing’s dorsal fin dripping with blood. Zin-Zin quickly found a plant and used the leaves as a bandaid.

After Zing-Zing could get up, they saw the damage of the hydropter. The cockpit was smashed into thousands of pieces, and the body was totally crushed. The engine was completely destroyed and the tail was demolished. Since they only had forest material, they knew they couldn’t fix the hydropter, so they decided to make a fire and hand-powered aircraft. As the sun was rising, they finished building.

They were tired and hungry so they ran to an apple tree 20 meters away. They grabbed some apples and munched them down. After eating sweet, tart apples, they were full of energy and ready to take flight. Right before they left, Zin-Zin checked on the marble and saw that it was still wrapped up in his tail.

Zin -Zin was turning the wheel over and over. Zing-Zing was pulling a string up and down quickly with both dorsal fins to make the wings flap. When they reached 10,000 feet, they took a break.

The other dolphins were hard at work subbing for Zing-Zing and Zin-Zin. The green fire that was at the back of the glider crackled and slowly burned logs that they had collected from the forest. The fire, like a flash of red light, pushed the glider forward.

After a few hours, Zin-Zin looked at the map and saw that their destination was right below the aircraft. He called the whole pod to come and steer the glider to make a U-turn so that they could prepare to put out the fire.

The landing was the most dangerous part of the trip. They jumped to the front of the aircraft and the glider tilted down and wobbled. Finally, it was time to climb to the other end to make the aircraft horizontal. The glider swiftly landed on a pile of leaves that Glen, the stegosaurus, had swept up from his grandmother’s house.

Gran-Gran heard a terrible noise outside, which woke her up. Glen peaked out of the door right after Gran-Gran looked out the window to see what was going on. She almost shut the door but Glen wapped it open and stomped outside.

Glen roared, “Rouwrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Zin-Zin got scared of the roar but Glen explained, “I was just saying hello in dinosaur words. Do you want to learn how to say it?”

Zin-Zin said, “Sssssssssssqqqqqqqqeeeeeeeeeeee!!”

Glen answered, “That is a good dragon sound. Anyway, let’s go in to enjoy some apple pie together.”

Glen stomped his way to the kitchen and grabbed the warm pie out of the firepit. He took the slicing laser out of the dangerous room and cut it into nine pieces for Gran-Gran, Glen, Zin-Zin, and the pod. After they ate, they rested for the night.

The next morning was bright and sunny. “Do you want to go to my home?” Glen asked Zin-Zin.

“Squee, yes!”

Zin-Zin, Gran-Gran, Glen, and the pod all ran out of the house as quickly as they could and jumped into the river. Off they went with the gentle breeze.

After a few minutes, Glen said, “We have entered my home, Hang Son Doong.” The animals saw a big waterfall.

Zin-Zin announced, “Get ready, 1-2-3-!” SPLASH! Everyone was swimming and splashing under the waterfall. Zin-Zin even started a water fight. Zin-Zin’s heart felt like beautiful piano music. Suddenly, Glen felt something squeezing his leg. Zin-Zin pulled the creature’s tail and surprisingly they found out that it was a snake.

The snake asked, “Can I join the party?”

Zin-Zin answered, “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

When the water fight was over, Zin-Zin wanted to give a speech. Everybody calmed down to listen.

“When I lived on planet Dragonflier, I could not find any friends. Now that I found my friends, I understand that being kind to other living organisms helps me to make friends. I even feel like I have a family now. I am so grateful and joyful deep inside. Thank you.”

Zin-Zin was full of happy tears. Everyone celebrated him for finally making a friend. Zin-Zin was so happy he wapped his tail to the ground and the marble flew up into the air and landed into his front paws with a BONG!

Zin-Zin said, “This is a special gift for you all. Thank you for helping me make such good friends.”

Everybody touched the shiny marble and thanked him. Glen didn’t want his friend to leave, so he asked if Zin-Zin wanted to live with him.

Zin-Zin answered, “That would be FUN-tastic!”

From then on, the dolphins, Glen, Gran-Gran, and Zin-Zin all lived together sharing a bright, new friendship.

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